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27 Arizona Clergy Members Accused of Sexual Abuse

27 Arizona Clergy Members Accused of Sexual Abuse

As the sexual abuse scandals surrounding the Catholic Church continue to grow, the church has undertaken some measures to encourage transparency. During a conference for the American bishops in Baltimore last week, two Catholic orders – the Franciscan Friars and the Congregation of Holy Cross – revealed the names of over 65 priests who had been accused or convicted of sexual abuse.

Out of those 65 clergy members, at least 27 of them served in Arizona, with a particular concentration in the Phoenix area. Because the abuse claims against minors date back decades in many of these cases, it’s possible that there are still hundreds of victims throughout our state – all of whom deserve a chance at justice against their abusers.

An Ongoing Legacy of Sexual Abuse and Violence

Even after decades of sexual abuse allegations and claims of cover-ups among the clergy, the Catholic Church has continued to face scrutiny for its actions regarding sex abuse victims. As recently as 2018, a grand jury report in Pennsylvania showed that over 300 priests molested 1,000 children, spanning across six different dioceses and six decades.

Although prosecutors across the United States have moved to investigate similar cases, the state of Arizona has done surprisingly little since 2003, when six priests were criminally indicted for sex abuse. However, last month, Governor Doug Ducey signed an important bill that will give child sex abuse victims more time to pursue civil lawsuits. Instead of requiring victims to file before their 20th birthday, they will now have until age 30, making it easier to seek justice.

Helping Survivors Navigate Sexual Abuse Claims

No child should ever have to suffer as the result of sexual abuse, and the actions described in the recent allegations against the Catholic Church are nothing short of appalling. If you or your loved one have ever been violated by a member of the clergy, please don’t hesitate to contact our compassionate team at Montoya, Lucero & Pastor, P.A. We have a long track record of representing individuals who have been sexually abused, and we can give you the unwavering and powerful advocacy that you deserve after experiencing this level of injustice.

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