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Injured or Attacked on Someone Else's Property?

While it may be impossible to create an environment that is 100% risk-free, residential and commercial property owners are still responsible for anticipating any potential dangers at their location and taking proper measures to prevent against them. If a property owner fails to take reasonable security or safety measures and injuries or crimes occur against another party, they may be held liable for damages. From events that occurred in parking lots to night clubs, negligent security claims can be taken against property or business owners at a wide range of locations.

Some common examples of negligent security include:

  • Entrances and walkways that are not properly secured
  • Security guards that are poorly or inadequately trained
  • Faulty locks on doors and gates
  • Failure to install proper security systems or malfunctioning security systems
  • Improper surveillance techniques
  • Inadequate lighting

If you are the victim of injuries or a criminal attack on someone else's property, it is possible that there may be grounds for a claim. When properties or businesses are located in areas that have higher crime rates, or if there are clear safety hazards on the premises, it is up to the owner to prevent these dangers that could seriously threaten or harm others. Our skilled and experienced Phoenix personal injury attorneys know how to help you.

Case Review with Our Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyers

Note that negligent security claims are not limited only to the owner failing to take proper safety or security measures. Injuries or crimes that occur partially due to poorly trained, improper, or reckless staff members at the location, or even failure to have security staff on premise, may also create a solid basis for a case in your favor.

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