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Child Custody Lawyers in Phoenix

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Arizona courts recognize “legal decision-making” and “parenting time,” as opposed to traditional child custody. Though the terminology is different, the idea is generally the same. Legal decision-making grants one or both divorced or unmarried parents the right to make decisions on behalf of a minor child, while parenting time refers to the amount of time either parent is allowed with the child. This process is intended to provide more equal footing for mothers and fathers when it comes to their children.

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Understanding Arizona's Child Custody Laws

There are several types of child custody in Arizona. Joint legal decision-making allows both parents the ability to make decisions about their child (typically while the child is physically with them), whereas sole legal decision-making grants this right to just one parent. In this scenario, the parent with sole legal decision-making ability does not need to consult the other parent about various decisions regarding the child. It should be noted that true sole legal decision-making is fairly rare; in most cases, a judge will rule that both parents have some degree of legal decision-making. Similarly, parenting time can be equal, skewed toward one parent, or granted solely to one parent.

Factors Influencing Child Custody Decisions in Phoenix

  • Wishes of each parent
  • Ability of either parent to adequately care for the child
  • Child’s relationship with each parent
  • Child’s level of adjustment to his or her community, school, etc.
  • Health (mental and physical) of both parents
  • Wishes of the child, if appropriate

The judge will also look into any instances of child abuse or neglect, or a history of domestic violence, as well as how willing and able the two parents are to cooperate and interact with one another. It bears repeating that the judge will always prioritize the child’s best interests, meaning the judge will work to find a solution that has the greatest benefit to the child, not necessarily either parent.

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