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Advocating for Justice in Cases of Child Abuse & Neglect

Child abuse and neglect are tragic realities that no child should ever have to endure. In a world where innocence should be protected at all costs, the experienced attorneys at Montoya, Lucero & Pastor, PA are on a mission to ensure justice prevails for these vulnerable victims. In this article, we shed light on their unwavering commitment by delving into a heart-wrenching case that highlights the critical role they play in advocating for the rights of children.

The lawyers at Montoya, Lucero & Pastor, PA represent the father of a 9-year-old child who was killed while in the custody of the Arizona Department of Child Safety. The lawyers at Montoya, Lucero & Pastor, PA are representing the father of 9-year-old Jakob Blodgett in a wrongful death lawsuit against the State of Arizona and the group home where he was placed.

The Tragic Case of a 9-Year-Old Boy with Diabetes

In recent news, a 9-year-old boy with diabetes tragically lost his life just days after being taken into Arizona's foster care system. 9-year-old Jakob Blodgett died while in the Arizona DCS foster care system because Arizona DCS and Sunshine Group Homes failed to give him the insulin he needed to live. At age 2, Jakob Blodgett was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. He needed insulin to live. In December 2022, the State of Arizona took Jakob into its custody. The State placed him at Sunshine Residential Group Homes. Sunshine Residential Group Homes did not have staff members who had the required knowledge and training to manage Jakob’s potentially life-threatening condition.

Sunshine Residential Group Homes, according to police, also had a policy of not forcing children living in their group homes to take medication even when that medication was life-saving. The State of Arizona and Sunshine Group Homes did not give Jakob the insulin he needed. As a result of the State of Arizona’s negligence, Jakob Boldgett died as a result of diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). This heartbreaking incident shed light on the urgent need for legal advocates who can navigate the complexities of child abuse and neglect cases.

The attorneys at Montoya, Lucero & Pastor, PA were quick to step in, recognizing the need for immediate action and accountability. With their extensive experience in handling cases involving child abuse and neglect, they knew that justice for this young boy's untimely death was essential.

Experience and Expertise

Montoya, Lucero & Pastor, PA boasts a team of seasoned attorneys with a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in child abuse and neglect cases. They are well-versed in the legal framework, policies, and procedures that govern child protection, and they bring this knowledge to bear in every case they handle.

Their commitment extends beyond just legal expertise; it's a passion to make a difference in the lives of children who have suffered abuse or neglect. They tirelessly work to ensure that the voices of these children are heard and that those responsible for their pain are held accountable.

A Holistic Approach to Child Advocacy

What sets Montoya, Lucero & Pastor, PA apart is their holistic approach to child advocacy. They understand that legal representation is just one piece of the puzzle. In addition to their legal services, they collaborate with a network of professionals, including child psychologists, social workers, and medical experts, to ensure that when children are hurt while in the Arizona foster care system, the State of Arizona is held accountable for the harm it inflicts as a result of the State’s negligent failure to keep children safe.

By holding the State of Arizona, foster homes, and group homes accountable when they fail to protect children, the lawyers at Montoya, Lucero and Pastor, PA give voice to those children who are hurt and ensure that other children in Arizona DCS care do not suffer similar abuse and even death.

Bringing Change, One Case at a Time

Montoya, Lucero & Pastor, PA's dedication to fighting child abuse and neglect is unwavering. They understand that real change comes not only through individual case victories but also through advocating for systemic reforms. The lawyers at Montoya, Lucero & Pastor, PA expose some of those systemic failures in civil lawsuits like the wrongful death lawsuit brought on behalf of Jakob’s father whose son was tragically killed by a child welfare system that is in desperate need of repair and improvement.

Your Support Matters

As we shine a light on the wrongful death of a 9-year-old boy with diabetes, we can see that the work of Montoya, Lucero & Pastor, PA is essential in ensuring that the State is held accountable. By holding the State accountable, the lawyers at Montoya, Lucero & Pastor, PA hope to improve Arizona’s child welfare system so that other children are protected and get the justice they deserve. Your support, whether it's through spreading awareness or seeking legal assistance when needed, can make a significant difference in the lives of children who are victims of abuse and neglect.

Montoya, Lucero & Pastor, PA's experienced attorneys continue to be champions for child abuse and neglect victims, fighting tirelessly to ensure that their rights are protected, their voices are heard, and justice is served. Together, we can make a difference and build a safer world for our children.