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Chandler Dental Assistant Indicted on Child Molestation Charges

A dental assistant at Kidiatric Dental & Orthodontics was recently arrested on charges of sexual abuse in Chandler. Deion Garcia, 27, was indicted on 12 counts of molestation of a child and sexual exploitation of a minor. He is accused of sexually abusing three minors during X-ray exams completed between 2022 and May 2024. In addition to forced sexual activity, Garcia is also accused of taking nude photographs of underage patients.

Montoya, Lucero & Pastor, P.A. Pursues Justice for Underage Patient

Records show that Deion Garcia was first accused of sexual misconduct involving a child in 2022. Instead of terminating his employment or taking other measures to ensure he did not have access to children, Kidiatric Dental did nothing. Two years later, Deion Garcia sexually abused again.

After reopening the 2022 case due to new evidence, police have shared that the total number of Garcia’s victims is still unknown at this time. Unfortunately, Garcia is one of many abusers enabled by reputable institutions who turn a blind eye to the detrimental and lifelong effects of child sexual abuse.

Instead of taking action to implement better systems or policies that protect against child sexual abuse in the pediatric medical setting—an environment notorious for the imbalance of power between doctors and a young, vulnerable patient cohort—the dental board has no plans to open an investigation into the allegations against Garcia, alleging they have not received past complaints.

At Montoya, Lucero & Pastor, P.A., our experienced litigators are relentlessly pursuing justice for one of Garcia’s child victims. Sadly, other victims have also suffered greatly as a result of the same unforgivable crime. Our firm is dedicated to empowering other victims and their loved ones to come forward and demand justice under the Arizona Victims’ Rights Laws.

Empowering Survivors to Take Back Their Lives

Our sexual abuse lawyers at Montoya, Lucero & Pastor, P.A. understand how daunting and painful it can be to seek compensation for the life-altering harm and psychological trauma caused by sexual abuse. That’s why our firm is committed to helping survivors navigate the legal intricacies of Arizona’s criminal justice system and hold Kidiatric Dental & Orthodontics accountable for these atrocities. With over a century of collective experience and a proven track record of results, you can trust our attorneys to aggressively protect your rights while pursuing the maximum compensation you deserve, empowering you to take the first step toward healing.

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