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Late Winslow Priest Accused of Multiple Counts of Molestation from the 1940s

Increasing numbers of mostly Hispanic Arizona men have been coming forward to allege they were victims of molestation and rape as young parishioners in the early 40s. One priest, Rev. Clement A. Hageman in particular is alleged to have abused young boys until his death in 1975.

Hageman’s accusers allege that the priest, who was known to be charismatic and popular within his diocese, was “dumped” in the mainly Hispanic and impoverished towns of Holbrook, Winslow, and Kingman to avoid scandal on the part of Catholic Church officials.

Alfred Moya, a 70-year old filing a lawsuit against the church, is likely the first person to sue over Hageman’s abusive past. Attorney Robert E. Pastor of Montoya, Lucero & Pastor, PA is representing Mr. Moya along with at least two more plaintiffs, local men who allege they were also victims of Hageman. Attorney Pastor noted that several other clients had settled with the Diocese of Gallup, N.M. for other charges leveled against Father Hageman.

Mr. Moya’s suit was filed in Coconino County Superior Court last August and named the same New Mexico diocese as a defendant. Gallup is supposed to oversee the churches where Father Hageman preached for most of his life. The suit also includes the Diocese of Corpus Christi, Texas and the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, New Mexico, claiming these were involved in placing Hageman in Arizona.

The Corpus Christi Diocese responded in a statement saying the charges did not involve any current member of the clergy or church worker connected to them; while the Gallup Diocese claimed it did not have enough information to know the veracity of Mr. Moya’s statements.

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