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Using the SPIDER Method to Protect Yourself from Distracted Drivers

Protecting Yourself From Distracted Driving

Over the last decade, distracted driving has become one of the most common causes of car accidents in the United States. According to several sources, distracted driving is involved in 25 percent of all fatal collisions. When it comes to fatal crashes, teens are the largest age group to engage in distracted driving—with the common form of distraction being texting while driving.

Diagram of cognitive process required for attentive driving

What Are the Most Common Types of Distractions?

There are three main types of distraction:

  • Visual distraction
  • Manual distraction
  • And cognitive distraction

Visual distractions involve taking your eyes off the road, manual distractions entail removing your hands from the steering wheel, and cognitive distractions mean your attention is not focused on the task of operating the vehicle.

Since distracted driving has become more prevalent, driving schools and organizations have taken distractions into account when it comes to defensive driving techniques. Defensive driving requires anticipation that the other drivers will commit unexpected errors which result in an accident. By preparing for those mistakes, we can avoid being the victim of a car crash.

The Spider Method

Created by David L. Strayer and Donald L. Fisher, the SPIDER method was introduced in 2015. The SPIDER method of defensive driving identifies key cognitive processes which are impaired when drivers are distracted.

Breakdown of the SPIDER method acronym and steps:

  • Scanning for potential threats
  • Predicting where threats may come from
  • Identifying visible threats
  • Deciding whether to act or what actions to take
  • Executing appropriate
  • Responses to those threats

Essentially, defensive driving requires drivers to have complete focus when completing these series of cognitive tasks. Vigilance entails keeping an eye on other drivers and even pedestrians while driving on the roads and waiting for the light to turn green at an intersection.

How Our Firm Can Help

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